Thursday July 18 , 2019


Sachin Mirashi

"I really loved the book, finished reading it in a week. Bill's book is very insightful and inspiring. Congratulations to him for this pioneering effort to get best-in-class practices in P&G's supply chain known to the rest of the world."

Sachin Mirashi, Associate Director, P&G Product Supply - Australia/New Zealand


Jeanne Reisinger

"The book is an amazing trip down memory lane of logistics inventions, interventions, and many names of good old P&G friends. Bill did a great job of capturing the changes and keeping his personality alive - together. I bought a second copy for a colleague as a must read."

Jeanne Reisinger, Director - Product Supply, The Procter & Gamble Co.


Patrick Percey

"Thanks so much for your book! The human element sections were great, like leading/managing, coaching/teaching. After retiring from Levi Strauss, I wish I could have another career to put some of your suggested practices in place. Being very right-brain, reading 'Unique Human Element Factors and Skills Needed in Developing Markets' was very inspirational and totally appropriate. I saw so many managers sent to these markets fail because of their lack of knowledge and skills." 

Patrick Percey, National Business Manager, Levi Strauss Australia - retired


Merrill Almquist

"Bill Peace did an excellent job of describing Supply Chain Management. His book will enhance the understanding and value of SCM to managers that take the opportunity to read his work. Although the examples are modeled after consumer products, the overall concepts and philosophies are applicable to all forms of business."


Merrill Almquist - Executive Director of Procurement, General Motors Corporation - Retired


Mark Schneider

"If your company sells a product ... any product, tangible or intangible ... this book is a must read. If your firm provides a service ... the kind of service doesn't matter ... this book is a must read. In other words, if you're in business this book ought to be at the top of your To Do list."


Mark Schneider - Product Specialist, Cornerstone Brands



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